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Dr. Tania Kallab

Dr. Tania Kallab holds a PhD degree in economics from ESSEC university in France and two Masters degrees in Economics and Business research from the ESSEC and Universite Cergy-Pontoise.

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  • Ph.D. Economics, ESSEC Business School, Paris
  • Doctorate, Economics,  Université  Gergy-Pontoise
  • Masters, Business Administration, ESSEC Business School
  • Masters, Economic Analysis, Université  Gergy-Pontoise
  • BS, Economics, Lebanese American University

Teaching Experience

Adjunct Assistant Professor of Economics – Lebanese American University


  • Economist, USA Embassy, Lebanon
  • Chief Resiliency Officer (CRO) for Byblos city for the 100 resilient cities program
  • Economic officer and grant writer for several NGO’s including EDGE and North LEDA
  • Economic consultant with OPES


  • Adjunct assistant Professor, Lebanese American University
  • Instructor, Holy Spirit University
  • Instructor, ESSEC Paris
  • Instructor, ESCP Paris
  • Economic expert for the ministry of economy and trade
  • Research associate for the 100 Resilient cities program pioneered by Rockefeller foundation as part of Byblos Technical team
  • Byblos Bank S.A.L., Financial Controller
  • Colony Capital, Junior Financial Analyst
  • HSBC, Financial Controller
  • Member of the WHO committee from the LAU delegation to the Harvard World Model United Nationsa (World MUN) 2008 in Puebla, Mexico
  • Trainer at the Global Classrooms Model United Nations program at the Lebanese American University


  • Kallab T. (2021) Political connections, institutional deteriorations, and economic growth, Journal of Business Venturing. Under review
  • Kallab T. & Terra C. (2020) The colonial exports pattern, institutions and current economic performance, Journal of Economic Studies.
  • El Kallab, T. & Terra, C. (2018) French Colonial Trade Patterns and European Settlements, Comparative Economic Studies, 60: 291. 
  • El Kallab, T. (2018). French colonial trade patterns: facts and impacts. African Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics Volume, 13(1), 15-30.
  • El Kallab, T., & Salloum, C. (2017). Educational Attainment, Financial Support and Job Creation across Lebanese Social Entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship Research Journal.



Microeconomics – ECO 201

Microeconomics is an introductory course that describes the nature and scope of economics, as well as the consumer behavior and decision making under different constraints, namely income, and utility. Finally, the last part tackles the theory of the firm, producer behavior, allocation of resources, and price determination under a set of constraints and under different markets structures.