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Business Etiquette

The course is designed to help students develop interpersonal and communication skills fundamental for success in the workplace no matter what industry, organization, or sector they are employed.

Business Information Technology Management

This course provides a comprehensive introduction to information systems and their application. It explains how to use and manage information technologies to revitalize business processes, conduct electronic commerce, improve business decision-making, and gain competitive advantage.

Business Law and Ethics

This course is an introduction to the American/Lebanese legal environment. It entails the judicial system, business ethics, contract laws, business organization, and commercial agencies.

Business Statistics 1

Business Statistics introduces students to the fundamentals of applied statistics. Accordingly, students are exposed to the concepts of statistics as they are directly applied in solving business problems.

Disaster Management

Disasters are low-probability high-impact risks. The consequences of disastrous events are escalating across the world in terms of lives lost, injuries, adverse social conditions, economic costs and environmental destruction. Moreover, the rapidity of action required when an emergency arises poses unique challenges to traditional planning and the provision of healthcare services.

English Composition and Rhetoric

The course reviews the fundamentals of good academic writing in English and teaches essay writing essentials in two rhetorical modes [persuasion and argumentation]. It also focuses on developing students’ research and oral presentation skills.


The course introduces students to the entrepreneurial process starting from the point of idea generation, through feasibility analysis to business plan development.

Financial Accounting – ACC 201

The course is an introductory course in financial reporting. It covers the basic accounting equation and introduces financial accounting concepts, assumptions, and principles.

Financial Management I

The course aims to expose students to the foundational principles, theories, and applications of corporate and business finance as well as financial management.